The 4 Ps from an Organized Gardener

Posted by Pam Young

May 8, 2019 2:09:11 PM

Yay! It's spring! Yay!

But if we SHEs (Sidetracked Home Executives) aren't careful and plan ahead, we can get into a lot of trouble at the nursery. All the more reason to be organized not just with housecleaning, but with gardening. This time of year the nurseries are teaming with flowers that beseech us like friendly puppies at the Humane Society to take them home. And we're like busy bees around those beautiful flowers. After all, we survived winter and we’re sick of gray and ready for sunny colors. 

Green thumbers have four rules: Plan, Prepare, Purchase, THEN Plant. If you try to prepare and plant at the same time, you’ll poop out and then those plants that you’ve taken into your care face possible death. Of course it’s not premeditated, but the plants will be just as dead.

 Death by good intention

Have you ever seen a honey bee that’s got so much pollen on her feet and thighs that she can barely fly? I often wonder if some of them never make it back to their hives they’re so overloaded. You can make it back to your hive (unless you forgot to get gass) but without the 4 Ps of gardening, you could set yourself up for death by good intention. 

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