5 Ways to Enjoy Mundane Household Tasks

Great ways to put joy into boring household chores.




Have you ever noticed that most household tasks are rather mindless? You know, how much thought goes into chopping vegetables for a stir-fry? Not much, except maybe to keep your fingers out from under the knife. Making the bed? Not much. Folding clothes? Not much. Scrubbing the kitchen floor? Not. Vacuuming? Ho hum.

If you really want to make it fun, so it will get done, these tips will help.

1. Listen while you work   Listening to audiobooks is one of the best ways to actually enjoy housework. The time virtually flies.

Listening to music also helps and the faster the tempo, the faster you’ll get the job done. Try putting on some Spanish music. OLE!

2.  Watch a movie   I still iron. I love that pressed look, but I don’t love to iron, unless I watch a movie while I do it.

I set up the ironing board in the family room, pick a movie I’ve seen before (so I don’t have to keep looking up like I would if it were the first time I’d seen the movie) and before I know it I have it all done and my room smells like fresh laundry.

3.  Race against time   This tactic takes two things; a timer and your imagination. If you read my blog you probably read about me cleaning out George Clooney’s fridge. In that particular instance, I gave myself a half hour, pretending George would be home then, and I wanted to surprise him. You wouldn’t believe all the places I’ve cleaned! I’ve cleaned Oprah’s bathroom (well one of them), washed Celine Dionne’s car, set the table at Downton Abbey and cleaned the president’s desk at the White House!

4. Trading places    Make a list of jobs you love and those you don’t and compare lists with a good friend. I have a friend who hates grocery shopping but she loves to vacuum. I love to grocery shop and vacuuming is not on my list of daily joys! I’m not a mall shop-til-I-drop-type person, but at the grocery store, I fulfill my female gathering instincts. Many times my friend and I switched jobs. It’s also worth discussing this topic with your husband. Often we can get stuck in roles that don’t suit us. Your husband may love to cook and you love to work on cars. Hand over the spatula and get out that toolbox.

When you discover something you love to do and it can bring in money, be sure to have a list of jobs that need to be accomplished that you can pay for. I write books and I use some of that money to pay a person to wash our windows. I also have help with housework every other week. OLE again!

5. Share the responsibilities  Many hands make light work. When two people make the bed it gets done in less than half the time. If you have a family, the sooner you can get cooperation (three years old up) the better.  Make sure everyone in the family knows what has to be done in a home.

In my book The Joy of Being joy_of_being_disorganized.jpgDisorganized I have an entire chapter on delegating, because I’ve learned over the years listening to women share their problems about housework, that most have a problem delegating.

 It truly is an art that needs to be learned if we are ever able to get help. As nurturers it’s not something that comes naturally. http://blog.cluborganized.com/6-simple-household-tasks-that-say-i-care-and-im-in-charge-0