A Sugar-free Easter Egg Hunt


Did you know the Easter Bunny is going low-carb?

Right now, it may not look that way at Walmart or your favorite grocery store, but it’s true. As an alternative to candy, he’s filling the hollow eggs with notes of appreciation, motivation and inspiration and you can do it too. 
If you love busting open a fortune cookie, then you know your kids will love hunting for eggs and getting note-after-note of encouragement, fun activities and surprises in the eggs they find.00009755



Here’s a list of suggestions we got from the Big Bunny:

        This coupon is good for a foot rub.
        This coupon is good for a back rub.
        This note is good for one download on iTunes.
        This coupon is good for a book, next time we go shopping.
        Your laughter makes us happy.


This coupon is good for a free trip to the zoo.

This coupon entitles you to one day free from chores.

You are so fun to live with.

You are so creative; it will serve you throughout life.

You are strong and courageous.

You let your conscience be your guide.

You are quick to forgive.

You are getting better and better at _____________.

We love how much you help around the house.

Look in the garage for a clue to a surprise. (Could start a treasure egg hunt.)

We have a big surprise for you. Present this coupon and we’ll tell you.

This gives you your choice of the next family movie.

This coupon is for 15 minutes of Mom’s uninterrupted time.

This coupon is for 15 minutes of Dad’s uninterrupted time.

You are the light of our lives.

 This new kind of Easter egg hunt will sharpen your skills as an appreciative parent and get your kids away from sweets which are so NOT good for them.

Happy Easter to all of you!

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