Chat With Other Moms

I am delighted to announce the House Fairy now has a forum where young moms can privately discuss the joys and challenges they’re having with their children. It’s also for the seasoned moms who have been on all the amusement park rides of motherhood and can issue helpful advice from wisdom and experience.

The creative ideas and inspiring words you all can share with each other will give you encouragement and support, no matter where you are in your journey of raising healthy, happy organized children.

Join the Forum

I’m the wind beneath House Fairy’s wings and I’m so grateful to have this platform to keep me in touch and help me stay abreast of what you young moms are thinking and doing. Times are different from when I raised my kids and I truly think you are far more stressed than we moms were in my day. I’m here to help in any way I can to relieve stress and get you to lighten up.

The forum is open to anyone, not just the moms who have purchased a House Fairy program. Of course, we’ll have a moderator to make sure everyone is nice.

To reach the forum click on the button above or please go to: Then to Moms Only and Chat With Other Moms.

See you there,