We SHEs Hate Deadlines, but We Love Life!

pam_young_headshotAre you married to or friends with a BO (Born Organized) person? If you know some, you know they love deadlines. A SHE (Sidetracked Home Executive) tends to look cross-eyed at them. It's interesting that the word dead is in the word deadline, because deadlines can sap the spontaneity right out of life, especially when you make them and don't meet them. The House Fairy took two years to create and because of the creator (me) who is a SHE, it was done without deadlines.

We  recently launched our new website www.cluborganized.com which was slated to be live on January 1, 2015 and it just went live last month. It's my fault, because I live in a SHE time zone and I'm more concerned with enjoying life and less with some man-made deadline. 

This morning my husband and I had what I'll call a SHE-BO clash! I was playing in my kitchen making chili when he came in and said, “It’s been a week since you said you’d have the text for the Club Organized Manual edited and you didn’t work on it this weekend, and now Christmas is looming and we’ll be pushing it into next year, if we don’t get busy!” (We SHEs need to be very careful throwing around promises in front of BOs.)

Hmmm, can this marriage be saved?

I kept chopping a big juicy onion as I thought for a moment. First I couldn’t believe a whole week had passed and second I remembered what a wonderful week it had been! 

onionI put down the knife and with tears in my eyes (totally onion inflicted) and said, “Phooey on the deadline! What’s the rush?” It was quite dramatic if I do say so myself! “You hear the word deadline and it sticks with you like lint on Velcro,” I continued, wiping my eye with the back of my hand.

“Hey you’re the one who made the deadline. I’m just trying to help you meet it! How ‘bout if I do a spread sheet on when in the rest of this week you’ll be free to work on it?

“Okay,” I said with no enthusiasm.

(He was thrilled to have a deadline-motivated task.) He came back into the kitchen about fifteen minutes later as I was pouring hamburger, homemade tomato sauce and kidney beans into the crock pot. He had what was left of the week laid out with the color purple blocking all the time I would be doing all the other things I do, walking, napping, cooking, meditating, writing, reading, talking to friends on the phone and eating, plus a couple meetings and friends for dinner on Saturday.

“No wonder you’re not getting much work done! Look at all that purple!” When I looked at the sheet of paper, the first thing I thought was, ‘Wow, that purple represents my life and I love it!’

The bottom line is, my life seems to keep having her way with me and the deadline for the manual keeps moving. When I look back over the past four weeks or so, my life has been filled with joy and fun; all the purple stuff!

Since I love my purple life, I’m not willing to let any deadline loom over me. I will get the the manual written when I get it written. Phooey on a deadline!

We are heading into the most joyous time of the year. Right now the trees are bright yellow and red and the crisp air begs me to come out and play. Stay alert to the joy that’s in the air, so you won’t miss any of it.

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