Dejunk that junk drawer now!!

Organizing kitchen can start with THE JUNK DRAWER.

How long do you think it would take to clean out that junk drawer in the kitchen? If you timed yourself, you could do it in 15 minutes. See if you can do it in 15 minutes and see if you can actually have fun doing it. If you hear yourself saying, "I don't know where to start," just watch this short video and head to your kitchen junk drawer.

In this short video clip, you'll learn the key to dejunking may start with an actual key.....and asking the tough questions like: “What hole do you go in?" "Am I successfully brewing?......and twisting?”

My sister Peggy and I show you what to get rid of in the junk drawer you’ve been meaning to clean.

In chapter seven of my book The Joy of being disorganized, I shared that “Trying to organize clutter is like trying to get a bunch of tone deaf people together to start a choir.” Well, following the tips of this video you'll get that junk drawer song in tune and before you know it, you’ll open your junk drawer and hear it sing Kumbaya. 

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The Joy of Being Disorganized