Fun House Fairy Song

Are you ready for your next adventure?

I wrote this song, Goin’ to Grandma’s for your kids to sing along with. It’s filled with that little kid giddy-ness that comes when you get to do something really fun, around people who make you feel over_packed_carspecial and loved. Enjoy the song and remember how fun it was to go to Grandma’s when you were young. 

We moms worry and stress ourselves silly over the grown-up pressures of paying the garbage bill and the mean ole tax man. But, the kid in us still needs to throw our dolls and tea sets into a bag and rush out the door to Grandma’s! But how do you take off down the road to fun with no guilt? Easy! Motivating kids to keep their rooms clean reduces friction, ends arguing and will establish good habits for life—at home—or on the road.

Goin’ to Grandmas reminds us of how important it is to feel excited again! Peace in your home can bloom into peace on vacation that makes every day feel like a day at Grandma’s house!

Everyone needs a little adventure once in a while. That little child in us still needs a chance to pack up the car and head down the road to fun, and we never outgrow it. So while the kids are at Grandma’s take off for some adventure of your own. 

Thank you for listening to this song. I hope you’ll share it with your friends with young children.