Does Your Child Whine?

52_Mr_Whiny.jpgDo you ever feel like whining? It’s kind of fun to make your voice match your reluctance to do something you have to do. “I don’t wanna balance my checkbook, it’s nice outside and I wanna go play in the garden!” Wah, wah, wah. The thing about whining is that it’s annoying and you can get into a habit of it. I'm sure you have a few well-known complainers in your life.

Kids usually whine when they’re tired, hungry, thirsty, too hot or too cold. You see them whining in the store because they can’t have what they want, but one of those causes above could be underlying. Kids can get into the habit just as easily as we adults can.

Part of the responsibility of raising children is teaching children good manners. That’s why it’s important to stop kids whining before it becomes just the way the child is. If you know a whiny child then it’s for sure that child has been allowed to whine (just another form of complaining) and doesn’t know it’s not appropriate.   

This poem is one in the Lettuce Bee Silly book for children and it was inspired by a mom who shared that when her children whined they were invited to address Mr. Whiney and kick him out. The poem has also been made into a song from the House Fairy’s toolbox.

Here’s the poem and you'll find a link to the song below. Hopefully they will help you handle any habit whining that’s going on with your children.

Mr. Whiney

Mr. Whiney is what I call

A voice that lives in my head

It comes out when I hear the words

"It’s time to go to bed" 


Then Mr. Whiney just pops right up

And takes control of my voice

“It’s not fair and I don’t wanna,

And how come I don't have a choice?"


Mr. Whiney listen to me

I’m spittin’ you out on the floor

I’m grindin’ you up like a piece of dirt

And I’m kickin’ you out the door

Here's a thought: if your child is whiney, perhaps he/she just needs some quiet time. This blog will give you some ideas.  


Click on the picture to hear the song



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