Laundry Put-away

Jones’s Delivery Service

My sister had three babies in three years (that tells you how disorganized she was). One day she asked her middle son Jeff to put away the clothes she’d folded. He was playing with his Legos and ignored her. She asked him again, getting the typical response of a four-year-old, “Okay, just a minute.” She wanted the clothes to be put away immediately and as she drew in a big breathe to yell the order; she decided to change her tactic. She put a hand to one of her ears and said:

“Ring, ring, ring?”

Jeff looked up with a puzzled look on his face, but she had his attention. She said,

“Answer your phone,” pointing to a pretend phone in the air.

He picked up the imaginary phone and said: “Hello?”

“Hi, is this the Jones Delivery Service?” She then whispered out of character, “use that box as your truck.”

“Yes, this is the Jones Delivery Service.”

“Oh great! I’ve heard so much about you! You’re quick and dependable and you travel anywhere to deliver stuff.”

“Yes, we do!”truck

“Well, I need you to come to 6934 SW Gleason and pick up some stuff to be delivered.”

Jeff proceeded to run the box (using a motor sound) all around the living room, ending with the sound of squeaky brakes.

“Oh, I’m so glad you’re here! I need these clothes to be delivered to their owners.”

Jeff proceeded to put the piles of folded laundry into the perspective rooms with a great deal of joy!

Peggy warned, that the next day, she tried to get Jeff’s attention with, “ring, ring, ring,” and Jeff responded, “The Joneses are not in.”

Moms, you have to keep making up dramas, but the House Fairy and I can help you with that. When you make chores fun, they do get done. The House Fairy’s mission statement is:

Happy kids, happier moms.

The House Fairy helps moms replace stress and friction with joy and peace. In a positive and loving way the House Fairy teaches children to establish good habits and healthy routines that will serve them throughout life. Nothing is more important than teaching our children and growing them in the basics. Using the child’s imagination, the House Fairy supports and helps moms by motivating and inspiring their children to keep their rooms neat and clean, to help with basic household chores and to have good manners and behavior.