Spiritually, You Came Here to be Happy


The best gift you can give the world is to be healthy and happy.

Consider this: What if spiritually you chose to come to this planet at this specific time, in this specific body with this specific life? And what if you knew before you came that you'd never be alone, that you'd be protected and loved every moment of your experience during your stay?

 What if this life experience you're having as you read this blog is exactly what you signed up for? Shakespeare said, “Life is a stage and we are actors upon it.” So imagine before you came here that you went over a bunch of scripts and you picked a play that really intrigued you and after much consultation with your fellow actors, producers, directors and from your angels you decided to come here and be YOU in this play called This is Your Life. Shakespeare

I had a dream many years ago on this topic. I walked into a large conference room where there was much laughter. I focused in on a very large black man dressed in a glorious, white African tribal chief’s robe. When I approached the oval table he looked at me with great love and his eyes sparkled with joy. He asked me if I had any questions about my life, so I asked him, “What happens to evil people when they die?”

The holy man looked around the table at his holy colleagues as they exchanged glances and then they all broke out in big smiles. Then he turned to me and said, “God is love and every man is made in his image and likeness therefore there are no evil men, they've just chosen evil roles to experience the contrast. Before such a man or woman chooses the role of an evil one, there are many meetings and not until all concerned (victims included) have agreed to be involved, will the play transpire.”

Of course I know this was just another one of my crazy dreams, but it made me think about Dennis Hopper and Sandra Bullock in Speed. Dennis had the evil role, Sandra was the victim. I thought about the relationship of the two actors after Sandra_Bullock_and_Dennis_Hopperthe movie was completed. I imagined the conclusion the two would have would be great admiration for the parts they played. I could imagine them enjoying the rap party and celebrating their time together. There would be no hate, vengeance, bitterness over what happened. What if that’s what happens on the other side, when we leave this plain.

I recently saw the actress who played Nelly Olson on television. She said that she and Melissa Gilbert who played Laura Ingalls were best friends off camera and they loved playing their roles with each other.Laura__Nellie

I do believe that life is eternal and I love the thought that we come here to play. I can just see myself reading the script of my life and agreeing to struggle through being a slob married to a BO, finding a simple way to get organized by making it something fun to do. I can see why I’d okay my part in this play. And the negative characters in my play have, in retrospect, been my greatest teachers for they have taught me that no one is the source of my happiness. My joy comes from within.

As this Christmas season comes to a close, the greatest gift you can give this world is to be a fully healthy you and part of being a fully healthy you is being happy and content. To do that be sure to spend time alone. Here's a blog I wrote about that. http://blog.housefairy.org/6-ways-quiet-time-can-make-your-day-better 

Now, go be it! happy_woman







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